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Hello! Welcome to my home page. Here you can find my programs. I hope they will be useful for you. At the moment here you can find:
programs written with Delphi (in section "My programs") and with JavaScript (programm for calculation of protein parameters "Biochemistry-online". My photoalbum). May be, something new will appear in the nearest future...


17.08.04 - 8 new brands ш 19 new URLs were added on the page vendors
  4.10.03 - Changing of the site designe
22.08.03 - Programm ProtCalc was published.
  4.06.03 - Section "Collection of links" was made.
21.10.02 - Section "Biochemistry-online" was made.
26.08.02 - Programm Ten-fing (key treiner) was written
21.08.02 - The beginning of this site.

News and information about the latest versions of my programs You can find here

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